In case your windshield gets badly damaged, then you might have no other choice but to have it replaced. If that’s the case, then you may want to know first what’s the difference between the original windshield that your manufacturer has installed in your car and the one that’s installed by an auto glass company.  

There are many experts in windshield repair Augusta GA that advise against windshield replacement because doing so could possibly void the warranty. That’s partly true. That’s the reason why these professionals will try to get your windshield repaired instead of replaced if doing so is still possible. But that really is the difference between the two windshields? 

Original Equipment Manufacturer Windshield  

OEM windshields are especially marked and branded. They’re also installed in the factory, which is why you can easily remove them. If you do, then you’ll be tearing out the glue and gasket, which could make your car tampered, therefore voiding any warranty. If you want to get your OEM windshield to be replaced by one that’s exactly like it and without voiding the warranty of your car if it still has one, then you have to take your car back to its manufacturer and get them to do replacement themselves.  

However, not all manufacturers do this. Instead, they will direct you to an accredited car mechanic and do the job. They may still use an OEM windshield if it’s available. Often times, you’d have to wait for some time for the exact part to be available and shipped by the manufacturer itself.  

Aftermarket Windshield  

Because waiting for the manufacturer to ship out an OEM windshield could take weeks, if not months, many car owners are settling for aftermarket windshields. These windshields are manufactured by a third party, although they make sure that they follow the exact same specifications of the original manufacturer.  

Since they’re not OEM windshields, you can say that they are they’re relatively cheaper and are easily available. If you take your vehicle to an auto glass company, they will likely install an aftermarket windshield in your car unless you specifically said that you want an OEM glass.  

Which One Should You Choose? 

Aside from the length of time waiting, the main difference between OEM and aftermarket windshield is their quality. You won’t have any issue with an OEM glass, as that is expected to comply with all the compatibility and safety considerations as mandated by regulatory groups and associations.  

However, aside from the glass itself, you should also take special consideration on how the glass will be installed. The proper installation of the windshield can affect your safety, as the new windshield should not get in the way of airbag deployment. Of course, it is also expected to sustain collisions, including roll-overs.  

The wrong windshield and the improper installation of which can cause some of your car’s system to stop working, which is dangerous. That’s the reason why you must consult only with the experts as they are the ones who can provide you with the highest level of assurance.